Philips 8pin ECG Cable for 43100A/43110A/43110M/43120A/MCDefib

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Compatibility: 43100A/43110A/43110M/43120A/MCDefib, 43200APortable, M3500B, 77000AC/77020A, 77010AC Sonos/AC/AR,77025A,77030A,77035A, 77040A, 78208A, 78210A, 78330A, 78331A,78332A, 78333A, 78341A, 78342A, 78345A, 78 346A, 78351T, 78352A/C, 78353A/B, 78354A, 78352A/B, 78354A/B/C, 78619A, 78620A, 78660A/B, 78661A/B, 78670A, 78671A, M1722A/B, M1723A/B, M2400A, M2406A, Sonos2000/2500, tems, M2425A, M2475B

U304-1A 3-lead ECG Cable with leadwires,Snap,AHA/IEC
U304-1B 3-lead ECG Cable with leadwires,Clip,AHA/IEC
U304-1C 5-lead ECG Cable with leadwires,Snap,AHA/IEC
U304-1D 5-lead ECG Cable with leadwires,Clip,AHA/IEC
U304-2A 3-lead ECG Trunk Cable,AHA/IEC
U304-2B 5-lead ECG Trunk Cable,AHA/IEC
U304-3A 3-lead leadwires,Snap,AHA/IEC
U304-3B 3-lead leadwires,Clip,AHA/IEC
U304-4A 5-lead leadwires,Snap,AHA/IEC
U304-4B 5-lead leadwires,Clip,AHA/IEC