Philips 12pin ECG Cable for 43100A, 43110A

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Compatibility: 43100A, 43110A, 43120A, 78352C, 78354C, 78834C, 862474 C3, M1001A, M1002A, M1165A, M1166A, M1167A, M1175A, M1177A, M1205A, M1264A, M1275A Transport, M1280A, M1722A/B, M1723A/B, M2475B, M2601A, M3000A, M3001A, M3046A, M2/M3/M4, M4735A

U304-5A 3-lead ECG Cable with leadwires,Snap,AHA/IEC
U304-5B 3-lead ECG Cable with leadwires,Clip,AHA/IEC
U304-5C 5-lead ECG Cable with leadwires,Snap,AHA/IEC
U304-5D 5-lead ECG Cable with leadwires,Clip,AHA/IEC
U304-6A Din 3-lead Trunk Cable,AHA/IEC
U304-6B Din 5-lead Trunk Cable,AHA/IEC
U304-7A LL 3-lead Trunk Cable,AHA/IEC
U304-7B LL 5-lead Trunk Cable,AHA/IEC
U304-8A 3-lead Trunk Cable,AHA/IEC
U304-8B 5-lead Trunk Cable,AHA/IEC
U363-1A Din 3-lead leadwires,Snap,AHA/IEC
U363-1B Din 3-lead leadwires,Clip,AHA/IEC
U363-2A Din 5-lead leadwires,Snap,AHA/IEC
U363-2B Din 5-lead leadwires,Clip,AHA/IEC
U364-1A LL 3-lead leadwires,Snap,AHA/IEC
U364-1B LL 3-lead leadwires,Clip,AHA/IEC
U364-2A LL 5-lead leadwires,Snap,AHA/IEC
U364-2B LL 5-lead leadwires,Clip,AHA/IEC
U304-9A 3-lead leadwires,Snap,AHA/IEC
U304-9B 3-lead leadwires,Clip,AHA/IEC
U304-10A 5-lead leadwires,Snap,AHA/IEC
U304-10B 5-lead leadwires,Clip,AHA/IEC